The Label Edel records have moved the release for Princessa's new Single All I want indefinitely.

All I Want



1. All I want
Radio Version

2. All I want
Alternative Version

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Matthias Meissner one of the producers of Princessa gives us some answers to our questions...

Dear Mr Meissner,
many thanks that you have taken a little time for this conversation. I hopes we can reveal some news about Monica.

How you are actually come in connection with the "discoverers of Princessa" Mr. Frank Peterson?

Since both Thomas Schwarz and I have always played music privately, it seemed reasonable to look for us for a producer the demo tapes have sent. Frank probably was of this sometime irritated so that he invited us to a conversation and l istened to our demos. And sometime we then worked at his first Album " Gregorian ".

When have you got to know Princessa personally? What was your first impression?

In the year 1992 we then became acquainted with Monica and were very impressed by her voice and radiation and produced our first album with her. What has harmed her image not a bit is Monica since this production, like every different one also, got older and riper. Despite the hustle and bustle in the music industry the core of her nature hasn't changed to the disadvantage. Whole she has you had left herself. Only her musical style grows happily with the years.

How is working a team like actually between artist, producer and label? Can a label force the artist or producer music direction to work certainly in one since the label through this hopes for better sales figures?

The music direction orientates itself on the current market and isn't set by the label. Producer and artists decide together which music direction they want to take.

According to information from Frank Perterson Princessa works even on your new album "All I want" what you know about this?

For the new album Princessa also has composed some songs which we have divided up under different producers to give the album a great room to move to creativity. As has to be taken from the Trackliste, Thomas Schwarz and I also have produced some pieces.

1. All I Want 3:44
Music & Lyrics: Princessa

2. Alone 4:04
Music & Lyrics: Jan-Eric Kohrs and Carsten Heusmann

3. Anything 4:05
Music & Lyrics: Lucas Hilbert and Arn Schlürmann

4. I Want You To Want Me 3:14
Music & Lyrics: Max Martin and Jacob Schulze

5. Love Is A Stranger 3:26
Music & Lyrics: Christian Draude

6. Lonely 3:44
Music & Lyrics: Princessa

7. I Wish I Could Stay 3:42
Music & Lyrics: Thomas Schwarz, Matthias
Meissner and Frank Peterson

8. I Don't Wanna Live Without You 3:35
Music & Lyrics: Axel Breitung

9. What Did You Say? 3:37
Music & Lyrics: Princessa

10. Anytime You Need Me 3:48
Music & Lyrics: Arn Schlürmann and Axel

11. What's Going On? 3:25
Music & Lyrics: Princessa

12. Whatever Makes Your Love Grow 3:18
Music & Lyrics: Axel Breitung

13. Sino Estas Aqui 3:40
Music: Thomas Schwarz and Matthias Meissner
Lyrics: Princessa

When will the album come into the trade?

When and where the album comes in the trade can't said to the present time yet?

Will a single go ahead? Which title?

The first single from the album will be expected for "All I want".

For the end we still talk a little about Princessa. When have you Princessa seen the last once?

Since we have seen Monica last summer the last time, we cannot tell you like you her hair carries at the moment. It was medium-long in summer.
She has surprised us with different style directions not only musically but also stylishly at the time once in a while. In any case she looks and us forward to a new comeback for us with her.

Kind greetings to you and all Princessa fans

Matthias Meissner

Translated by "computer"