Princessa, her real name is Mónica Capel Cruz, was born on Sunday, May 18th 1975 in Madrid where she is still living now. She is the third generation from a family of musicians and music has always been her passion.
When she was only a little girl she already accompanied her father who also is musician to his rehearsals. Her professional career started at the age of 10 when she recorded her first LP with X-mas songs in a more up-to-date style called "Navidades Mix".

Two of the highlights of her career so far were the Festival of Acapulco in Mexico in 1994 she took part in and also became famous over there and in summer 1997 she was singing in the Rantarock Midsummer Festival, one of the biggest events in Finland, in front of an audience of about 45.000 people.

In her native country Spain she is known since she conquered the hearts of the fans with her '93 smash-hit "Rojo y llanto", taken from the first album "Princessa" that is produced by Frank Peterson. In spite of the same title this first album is different to the second one. Frank discovered Princessa when he heard her voice in a Spanish TV programme and decided to invite her to sing.

The first song she recorded in the studio with him was "Mar y Sol" that is also included in the first album. Frank was surprised of the result and decided to produce an album with her. While working on this album he was the one who started calling her "Princessa" and finally this became her artist name. Together with Matthias Meissner and Thomas Schwarz, Frank wrote 12 songs which are perfectly made for the magic voice of Princessa. This first album she sang exclusively in Spanish.

In May 1996 Princessa then released her first song in English "Calling you (A message from love city)" that is included in the second album "Princessa". With this song she had her break-through in Scandinavia and Japan. In Finland she became a mega-star after the release of the second album: She flew there about 16 times, gave a lot of TV shows, interviews, concerts all summer '97 long. She was in the TOP 40-list for 27 weeks, 11 of them in the TOP 5 and 1 week on TOP 1. She received a golden and platinum CD and became one of the most famous singers over there. The most successful song in Scandinavia was "Vivo", the second single-release of the album.

In the same summer she was far away in Japan for several weeks of promotion and became also famous over there. In all Europe she sold until now almost 300.000 copies of the second album which includes English and Spanish lyrics.

2nd November '98 Princessa released her song "Snowflakes" which is title of a popular German soap opera called "Marienhof". 16th November, only two weeks after the single-release, she entered for the first time also the official German charts on Top 84. With "Snowflakes" she finally also had her break-through in Germany.

A third Princessa album, where also this song is be included, was released on 22nd March 1999 (title "I won't forget you"), a second single-release followed on 15th February. The same month Princessa again took part in "Marienhof".

Yet despite worries from fans that Princessa may have retired, she returned to the studio in early April 2002 to begin recording new material for the new album All I Want.